Clare Hornsby

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My view, taken out of time

Over your shoulder, I see our worlds collide.
Mine is broken open to embrace yours
I feel the double beat of rise and fall and
Seasons melt into each other as
Loosed blossom scatters with late snow.

Shrill swallows in first morning heat
Lure me to the empty August church
The glittering shrine, the marble tomb
And as against the warm strong-hold
Of your shoulder, through the night
I press and pray and rest my head.

Later, I contemplate the summer lake
Smooth-faced with last light and I’m
Calm behind your safe dark mountain shoulder.
You still my fear, bear my desire
Place the pieces of my heart in order.

And near the end, where the sea runs fresh
Shallow and clear across cropped green grass
Our parallel lives will touch and meet
And we will be at one, at last.