Clare Hornsby

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Grass in summer

I sprawl out on the grass
A specimen stretched 
For an experiment of nature
Pressed down by the sun
Silenced in the heat
On the surface of the earth

Save the insects among the pricking grass stems
Biting and crawling
And those in the air
Flicking on and off and on my skin

Save the calling birds hidden 
In those heavy crowns of trees
Far on the rim of the green blue world
Around the wide open grass

Save the slow opulent trees 
Grown high along years of seasons
Still in the calm blue heat, waiting.

Save you - still, open
Waiting, like sleep
My fixed point
As I shift across, up and down
Circle you in the grass
The moving hands of a watch
Coming together at noon

I am held in one hand
Guided yet free
To move or be still
Under the sun
Stretching on the damp heat of the grass.